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Earth God Platform, Ping Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong

When you're walking in the Cantonese countryside, whether in Hong Kong or Guangdong, you often find these peculiar little altars in the villages. (I've even seen them in ultra-modern Shenzhen.)

Sometimes they feature statues, but often, like this one, they're much simpler, as befits veneration of the Earth God.

I saw this one on a ramble along the Ping Shan Heritage Trail in Hong Kong's New Territories back in December of 2004. (You'll also find it on this map; click number 5 on the right sidebar for more details.)

As we approached

A slightly more frontal view.
Where are the statues?

No statues, just these two stones.
They seem to have a pinch of red powder, a form
of veneration I've also seen used by Pueblo Indians.

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