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Prayer Room, Hong Kong International Airport

I was flying to the Philippines at the start of this year, when I noticed this strange-looking sign in the Hong Kong Airport (recipient of numerous awards):

It was part of a row of "service rooms," such as the restrooms, as you can see in this shot:

See the blue sign next to the door? I walked over and read it, and boy, was I surprised. It said:

Welcome to this place of prayer

The Prayer Room is a multi-faith facility, open daily* to people of all faiths and nationalities. It provides a quiet place where all may pause to pray and experience stillness and peace.

The facility is supported by the colloquium of Six Religious Leaders. The colloquium promotes religious dialogue in Hong Kong since 1978 which includes Buddhists, Catholics, Confucians, Muslims, Protestants and Taoists. [Note the alphabetical order!]

You are advised to contact the Airport Operations Control Centre at 2181-8110 for any assistance.

Thank you for respecting the silence of people in prayer.

*Opening hours 06:00 am - 12:00 midnight

How cool is that?

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